Nicknamed Luke

Age 15, he's a famous comic book artist from Malaysia coming back to his homecity, Mattan City to meet with his old friends again.

Unfortunately, his old friend group's enemy, The True Paradise, has been trying to search for Cyron and kidnap him. The full story will be told soon.

His friends are called

Ken, Dave & Ryan

He also has an Focused Awakening ability named Red Roses, which will be explained and shown soon.


Doppleganger of Cyron

Not much is not about him


Alternate Universe Version of Cyron

Was found by Cyron in the street and let him live in his house for a while

He was born without a family

His eyes can change into any type of symbol he wants.


Cyron's Brother

Has very bad anger issues ever since he started playing Fortnite

One time, he broke his computer by throwing a knife at it because he disconnected in the middle of a Fortnite game

He has the mentality of a 3 yr old, even though he's 17

He broke into a car and got away with it once